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【转载】CoreOS Videos From Our Inaugural Meetup
四月 18, 2017|PaaS

【转载】CoreOS Videos From Our Inaugural Meetup

CoreOS Videos From Our Inaugural Meetup

June 17, 2014 · By Melissa Smolensky

At our inaugural meetup here in San Francisco, our host Geekdom SF, was kind enough to film and edit our talks for your viewing pleasure. We know many of you have been asking about the talks so without further ado here are the talks in all their glory.

CoreOS: Anatomy of a CoreOS Update

Presented by Brian Redbeard Harrington

CoreOS: Orchestrating the Fleet

Presented by Brian Waldon

Running CoreOS Outside of the Cloud with iPXE

Presented by Kelsey Hightower

If you would like to hear more about CoreOS or would like to ask us questions in person, you are in luck. Tomorrow, we will be at the AWS Pop-up Loft here in San Francisco from 6-7:30 pm giving an intro to CoreOS, discussing how startups use CoreOS for infrastructure that scales and going over how to set up CoreOS on EC2. RSVP on the AWS eventbrite to attend.

We are also part of a special announcement this Thursday with Rackspace, and will be attending their party Thursday evening. If you prefer to hang out with us there, then RSVP to their “Hands On Heavy Metal” party.

Enjoy the videos and we hope to see you at one of the events this week.

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