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【转载】Official CoreOS Images on Google Compute Engine
四月 18, 2017|PaaS

【转载】Official CoreOS Images on Google Compute Engine

Official CoreOS Images on Google Compute Engine

May 23, 2014 · By Brandon Philips

Today we’re excited to announce that official CoreOS images are available on Google Compute Engine. This means it’s now even easier to spin up a CoreOS cluster on GCE using the API or from the command line. Adding an instance is as simple as:

gcutil addinstance --image=projects/coreos-cloud/global/images/coreos-alpha-317-0-0-v20140515 core1 

In the next few days, CoreOS will become available as a default image type in the GCE control panel, making running your first CoreOS cluster on GCE an easy, browser-based experience. They will also become globally available to users via gcutil listimages.

CoreOS is an ideal host for distributed systems and Google Compute Engine is a perfect base for CoreOS clusters. Google runs industry-leading distributed systems and their expertise shows in the speed and stability of Google Compute Engine. One feature that we were particularly delighted to see was a shared project metadata store that looks very much like our own etcd.

GCE platform tools including load balancers and replica pools are supported by the CoreOS GCE images and enable you to efficiently and smoothly scale your cluster. After grabbing user data and SSH keys from GCE, newly-booted CoreOS machines come online and immediately join the cluster, and fleet will automatically begin placing qualified jobs on these new machines.

For more details, hop over to the Google Cloud Platform blog.

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