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【转载】The CoreOS Update Philosophy
四月 18, 2017|PaaS

【转载】The CoreOS Update Philosophy

The CoreOS Update Philosophy

June 18, 2014 · By Kelsey Hightower

Just a few hours after the Docker team announced Docker 1.0, CoreOS shipped the update to all users on the alpha channel. If you are using CoreOS Alpha with automatic updates enabled, you were moved to Docker 1.0 seamlessly. The recent Docker exploit is just a small example of a long list of vulnerabilities that have plagued server software since it has existed, and why the CoreOS model is extremely important.

Running the latest software traditionally meant taking on risks around stability, security, and incompatibility. Times are changing, and our server deployments need to adapt. Software development is now at an arms race against software exploitation. Yet for many organizations the process of patching is still too difficult and time consuming, and is often neglected as a result. CoreOS and our Update Philosophy aims to remove these pain points and enable our users to safely, and easily, always run the latest, most secure, and stable versions of the software we support, without breaking your deployment.

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